ST Modular – ENVOLTURA / dual analog envelope / 14 HP

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dual analog envelope / 14 HP

Experience the classic charm of analog envelopes based on the Roland System 100M 140 Dual ADSR module, made snappier with intuitive visual controls. Furthermore, thanks to its built-in VCA, manual level controls, potent cyclical gate generator, and user-friendly trigger buttons, ENVOLTURA elevates your sound-sculpting prowess to new heights. And when you double it up, prepare for twice the thrill!
ENVOLUTURA is available as a pcb & panel set, full kit (SMD pre-soldered) or as a built module.

Envolutura quick start guide


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description / manual

ENVOLTURA boasts a highly responsive analog envelope with controls for ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE. When a gate signal is applied to the GATE input, the envelope is triggered, and a corresponding CV signal is produced at the OUT, with an inverted version available at the INV output.

Furthermore, an end-of-cycle GATE signal can be accessed from the EOC socket, which outputs a gate signal when the sustain phase of the envelope ends. The signal remains high until the start of the next attack phase. The gate is indicated by an LED. You have also the flexibility to retrigger the DECAY phase of the envelope by applying a trigger signal to the RTRG input.


IN addition to manual level adjustment via the slider level potentiometer, you can modulate the envelope’s level using an internal VCA by patching a CV signal to the VEL input socket. An exclusive attenuator enables precise control over the level modulation.


For dynamic modulation, simply patch any CV source to the PUSH inputs and manipulate both the envelope’s length and level. Fine-tune the overall length range with the SLOW/FAST switches, and if desired, activate the CYC switch to let the envelopes cycle within specific ranges. Please note that cycling may stop for very fast cycles and that the envelope doesn´t restart from 0 volts.


Finally, you can also trigger each envelope manually. Please note that both ADSRs are normalised to each other, so that pressing a button always triggers both envelopes, unless a patch cable is connected to the gate input of the other.

key features

  • Based on System 100M 140 Module

  • Dual ADSR

  • CV Level Control

  • Inverted Output

  • Retrigger

  • Push Inputs

  • Short and Fast Switch

  • Manual Trigger Buttons

  • Cycle Functionality

  • Skiff friendly

  • Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 14 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power: 89 mA @ +12V / 56 mA @ -12V







Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 20 × 4 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

Product Options

Full Kit, Built Module, PCB & Panel, fader set, stand-off set, pcb, panel

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