ST Modular – ISI WREN / repeatable random gate and cv generator / 4 HP

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Isi wren / repeatable random gate and cv generator / 4 HP

ISI WREN is a great sequencer to quickly generate random sequences and lock them on repeat to create catchy and pounding techno synth lines..

Isi Wren is available as a pcb/panel set, full kit (SMD pre-soldered firmware installed), or built module.

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description / manual

ISI WREN is a digital sequencer that generates random gate and CV signals synchronized to a clock connected to the CLK input. Depending on the CHANCE slider potentiometer, it either generates random gate and CV signals in the center position or locks the sequence in the upper or lower position. The closer the knob is to the center position, the more frequently the signals change. When a gate signal is patched to the RPT input, the sequence is repeated regardless of the slider position. If you repeat a sequence in the upper position of the slider, two different sequences are repeated alternately. In the lower position, only one sequence is repeated.


With the MODE slider you can set the length of the repeated sequence, the CV range and the repetition of the sequences. Set the mode toggle switch to STP and adjust the sequence length from 4 to 16 steps. Switch to RNG and adjust the CV range (octave range). In RPT mode, you can adjust how many times an alternating sequence repeats when the CHANCE slider is in the up position. Mode settings can also be voltage controlled. Patch a CV signal to MODE and adjust its level with the attenuator in order to change the length of a sequence, its range and the repeat mode externally. If no cable is patched to MODE the attenuator acts as a response adjustment of the MODE knob (e.g. smaller range of steps with one turn of the MODE knob if the attenuator is turned to the left).

Use the GATE output to control an external envelope generator and connect the CV output to the 1V/OCT input of any oscillator.


key features

  • Random CV and Gate

  • Looped Sequences

  • Change Sequence Length

  • Adjust Sequence Range

  • Repeat Different Sequences

  • CV Loop ON/OFF

  • CV Length, Range and Repeat

  • Sync to external Clock

  • Skiff friendly

  • Wrong polarity protection

specs & downloads

  • width: 4 HP

  • depth: 30 mm

  • power: 35 mA @ +12V / 12 mA @ -12V








Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 20 × 4 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

Product Options

Full Kit, Built Module, PCB & Panel, fader set, stand-off set, pcb, panel

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