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System Sound version 2.0. A standalone noise device for exploring acoustic and electronic feedback. Available as kit. Version 2.0 is improved in many small ways.

In essence, it’s a two channel mixer, with added micropone, oscillator (sine/noise), two tilt EQs and a ~1w power amp. Simple component circuits are connected in a clever way to enable many kinds of drones, noises, and chaotic messes even without anything plugged in. System Sound

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System Sound.
A feedback noise device for experimental music and sound art

Version 2.0 is out now.

It has some small and large improvements over the first version, but is basically the same device.

In essence, System Sound is a two channel mixer with a micropone, digital oscillator (sine/noise), two tilt EQs and a power amp. Simple standard circuits are connected in a clever way to enable many kinds of drones, noises, sound art and chaotic messes even without anything plugged in. Instantly get the sound of a cheap and horrible mixer feeding back, without patching. Add the microphone and some noise to make things even less stable. Mangle drum loops, guitars, scream into the microphone. Or gently saturate the oscillator, send it to your favourite modulation effect and zone out making drones with a touch of feedback to spice things up. Use a speaker to resonate your environment, find hidden resonances in everyday objects using noise or the sine wav. Attach it onto a wall or a piece of plywood with the four mounting holes for more stability.

Create your own feedback system sound system.

The System Sound features the following:
* Two high gain input preamps
* An electret microphone
* A digital oscillator, switchable from sine to noise (both with frequency control)
* Two powerful (and slightly different) tilt equalisers
* FM switch to send one input to the oscillator frequency input
* An effects send with a blend to select which pair of sources are (mostly) sent and even more gain
* A normalised feedback loop for both inputs (pre send gain, post blend)
* A Class AB power amplifier with funky Fahnestock quick-connectors and master volume , around ~1W. (I haven’t measured the true output power. It’s loud!)
* A line output for sending to a recorder, mixing desk, bass amp, …
* 9V power input, Boss-style, or optional 9V battery adapter (see note about power below).

The latest version manual for System Sound is available here:

The System Sound requires a power supply, which is not included.
Specifications: 9V, center negative. Boss standard, so any guitar pedal power supply is likely to work.
The current output should ideally be 1000mA or more.
A 12V supply should also be fine if that’s all you have. 7.5V is probably the lowest that will work.
The power supply is protected from reverse polarity.
I haven’t measured power consumption yet.

You can use lower current power supplies, but you may have some issues:
Big speakers, high volume and low frequencies all translate to a higher current requirement. When there’s insufficient power, the System Sound will turn on and off again rapidly (you’ll see the LED blinking). This is harmless. No device ever broke from too little current.

It is also very much possible to run it on a 9V battery, but they are super low current. For use without a speaker, or will smaller speakers, it’s completely fine.

A finished 9V battery to DC plug adapter is included with all purchases (kit version or pre-built).

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