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Radical Chip – Mute Synth 4.0
The Radical Chip is a collection of wavetable synth sounds by Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright for the Mute Synth 4.0. There are (as of July 2023) 8 pseudo-wavetables and 8 algorithms making 8 combinations (programs) that are randomly selected. The sounds range from gritty digital sounds and extreme noise to pure tones. The sounds may also be thought of as programs that have complex behaviours that can be interacted with through the Mute Synth 4.0’s controls. The Radical Chip can be simply swapped with the default chip of the Synth.

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This Chip works as a replacement for the Mute Synth 4.0, but also for DIY projects, e.g. the simple n radical circuit ( or other stuff.

More info about the Radical Chip release at:

Note that this is not the code that runs on the Radical22 Eurorack module. That code adds CV control over which algorithm runs (instead of a button press to randomly select algorithm). The two parameters are the same, and the code is unchanged otherwise.

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