Deadend FX – Guitar Pedal pcb – Harvey dent fuzz (Schumann twoface fuzz)

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Clone of the Schumann Two Face Fuzz. It’s an NPN fuzz circuit, running parallel to a PNP fuzz circuit, both overdriven by it’s own op amp drive circuit. Another “mild to wild” affair, the Dent can provide every texture of fuzz known to man, including some undiscovered ones. It also features a clean blend circuit as well. Either fuzz can be piped out to separate amps, or blended together. You can even pipe the clean side out to one amp, and the fuzz to another. What can we say… if we could bottle Schumann’s genius, we’d be millionaires now. We improved it a bit by providing a separate Boost control, one for each side, which allows for controlling which alter ego you wish to accentuate when you “kick it up a notch”. No matter which way the coin lands, you can’t lose.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 96 × 160 × 2 mm

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