Jakplugg Open Source – UBraids II 8hp black FR4 panel & pcb set

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uBraids II


8hp version of Braids.

PCB redesign by J. Matheson. it works with the same firmware, added LED sliders for the 2 oscillator parameters, and drivers to indicate input CVs

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First there was uBraids, the uModule that all this uInsanity, then Talldog’s uBreaids SE, with a better display and no AVR programming, now with the same good display and a new easy to use layout, uBraids II!

the main board is easier than the original uBraids, but the display board might be a bit difficult for those new at SMT soldering,

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 129 × 40 × 6 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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