Timo Rozendal SDSV+ Analogue Drum Voice pcb & 20hp FR4

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The SDSV+ is a very versatile drum module with various options for CV control.

It is based on SyntherJack’s SDSV project which in turn is based on the Simmons SDS5/SDSV. It can be used for anything from toms, snare, kick and even hat/crash-like sounds.

The Changes

Notable changes from Synterjack’s version:

– smd components, single pcb, no wiring required
– more cv inputs
– noise level control

– extra controls such as envelope selection for the VCO and seperate Decay pots

– option to use unfiltered noise for click (and the option to turn click off altogether)
– redesigned one of the envelopes to make it independent of input trigger length.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 100 × 4 mm

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