Timo Rozendal – Ian Fritz 2 x AD/AR – Dual Envelope Generator PCB/Panel

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This novel envelope generator (EG) provides a versatile, cost-effective alternative to other designs. It will take just about any signal you feed it and generate an envelope. For example, its main input can accept either a trigger or a gate signal. Driven by a trigger pulse, the unit’s output is an attack-decay (AD) envelope; driven by a gate its output is an attack-release (AR) envelope. And you can even use a continuous signal like an LFO for the gate! An auxilliary circuit produces a delayed, fixed-width pulse (monostable, or “Mono”) which also drives the EG circuitry. This pulse may be initiated by any signal with a positive-going 1.5 V crossing, for example, a trigger pulse or a waveform from an LFO, noise source or chaos generator. A dedicated output jack for the pulse generator allows other, independent, timing applications.



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This version also has the following modifications:

    • It has twice the ad/ar envelope circuit
    • It is without the delayed pulser part
    • There is a led indicator to show if an envelope is active
    • Input of the first envelope is normalled to the second envelope
    • There is an additional switch that converts a gate into a trigger, combined with the previous modification this can result an a simultaneous AR and AD envelope with one incoming gate signal


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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 20 × 4 mm

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