Terminal (Teletype) 0402 part SMD POPULATED pcb

£25.00 (exc VAT)

  • Pcb for Terminal (diy version of Teletype)
  • Most of  the passives and a few of the chips are pre soldered, missing SMD parts are listed below.
Designator Comment Footprint Quantity
Y1 12MHZ HC49UP 1
U1 TPS2021 SO08 1
U3,U4 AD5687R 2
RN1 47K MNR35 1
U2 AT32UC3B064/0128/0256 TQFP64-10X10 1
U40 ADP3339 SOT223 1
PF1,PF2 PTC-F0805-15V F1206 2
IC4 OPA4171 SO14 1
IC2 OKI-78SR TO220V 1
C5 4.7u C1206/T 1
R43,R44 39R 0402 2


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Hardware Github (BOM etc)

Firmware Github

Octopart BOM

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 80 × 4 mm

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