Teensy 3.6 europower helper (turn your TXo into a TXo+)

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This pcb allows you to attach a Teensy 3.6 to your TELEXo to turn it into what we are calling a TXo+. The TXo IS NOT INCLUDED in this upgrade; you will need to own, build, or buy one.

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Benefits of the upgrade include:

  • Improved Sampling Rate – increased to 25kHz from the TXo’s 15.625kHz
  • Improved Quality when Combining Features with Oscillation – the stock TXo disables interpolation if more than one advanced feature is used at a time for a CV output (envelopes, wave morphing, pitch slew, etc). The TXo+ always uses interpolation which increases the accuracy and lowers distortion.
  • More Morphing Wavetables – the TXo+ has 327 different waveforms on board (up from the TXo’s 45).
  • Future Advanced Features Only Supported by the TXo+

TXo+ Module Specifications

  • +12V: 78 mA
  • -12V: 5 mA
  • +5V: 0 mA
  • 2HP
  • 38mm Depth

Visit the TXo on Modular Grid

The TXo is an Open Source module. Build one yourself; all details are on the TELEX GitHub Project Site.

The Teensy Europower Helper is also an Open Source component; details are on its GitHub Project Site.

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 2 mm

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