Tesseract – GESS – (Sweet Sixteen Expander) – pcb with smd pre soldered & 4hp brushed aluminium reversible panel

£14.99 (exc VAT)


IMPORTANT NOTE: The holes are a little bit too big on the panel, it is usable but doesn’t look that great (see pics). They are being remade so if you buy a set now we can send you a replacement panel with a future order.

This is an expander, brings 8 gate inputs for the Sweet Sixteen mkII.

The panel is reversible, so jacks & buttons can be on the left or right side.

Partial Kit for – Tesseract Modular – GESS


Brushed Aluminium panel

PCBA – SMD populated,




In stock

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 40 × 10 mm

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