ST Modular – YACE (CV Decay Envelope)

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YACE 6HP CV Decay Envelope

YACE is a fully featured decay envelope with voltage controlled decay length.

YACE is available as a pcb/panel set, full kit with SMD pre-soldered, or built module.



YACE 6HP CV Decay Envelope

YACE is a fully featured decay envelope with voltage controlled decay length.

A trigger or gate signal at the GATE socket (INP in the picture) starts the decay envelope and a corresponding CV is output at the OUT socket. An inverted version is available at the INV socket. With the DECAY slider you can change the decay time manually or by CV. With a CV attenuator you can control the level of the length change by CV. The DEC LVL potentiometer controls the level of the decay and is great for controlling filters. A jumper on the rear panel lets you choose whether the DEC LVL potentiometer affects only the regular decay output or also the inverted output.
With the RESPONSE control you can change the response curve from very snappy to rather long and soft. The RANGE switch offers three decay length ranges, from fast decay for drums to very long decay curves for slowly evolving sounds.
The INP switch changes the input mode from trigger to pulse. Pulse mode adds a sustain stage to the envelope that holds the envelope as long as the incoming pulse is high.
The CYC switch activates a cyclic mode where the decay restarts when it reaches its end. In addition, an EOC (End Of Cycle) pulse is output at the EOC socket.
With the INFLUENCE input (marked by a curved arrow pointing upwards) you can further change the decay level. Connect an LFO or triggers here to create attacked and more organic decay envelopes. It only responds to voltages above 5V.

YACE offers the best you can expect from a simple decay module and is a great companion for controlling other VCAs, filters or sound-changing oscillator controls.

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 20 × 4 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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Full Kit, Built Module, PCB & Panel, fader set, stand-off set, pcb, panel

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