ST Modular – TRICAY (Triple Decay Envelope) 6hp FR4 panel & pcb set

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Tricay is a Triple Decay Envelope Generator and Trigger Multiplier.

If there is trigger signal patched into TRIG 1, the signal will be send to all three Decay Envelopes. This connection is being interrupted as soon as you plug another cable into TRIG 2 or TRIG 3. OF course the envelopes may also be triggered individually.

The length of each decay can be adjusted with three potentiometers. It ranges from snappy short to release-like long and is suitable for all kind of sounds such as synth lines or percussions. The state of each Decay is being indicated by an LED.

The generated voltage is being supplied on jacks OUT 1, OUT 2 and OUT 3.

If you patch a trigger signal into TRIG 1 and set all decays completely counter-clockwise, Tricay may also act as a Trigger Multiplier.


  • 3x Decay
  • Trigger Multiplier
  • LED indication
  • Skiff friendly
  • Wrong polarity protection
  • 3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide
  • Power consumption: 38 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12 V

The module consists of two boards:

  • Front PCB Panel
  • Main PCB 


Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 30 × 4 mm

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