ST Modular – Stereo Total – FR4 panel & pcb set

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Mono to Stereo Converter, Stereo Width Controller and Imager

STEREO TOTAL is a Mono to Stereo Converter, Stereo Width Controller and Imager. It consists of two building blocks.

The first block A is a Stereo Simulator that creates a stereo signal from an incoming mono signal. This is done by splitting the mono signal in two separate signals, passing the left through an R-C network to reduce mid range frequencies and the right through an operational amplifier in differential mode to obtain an output as a difference to L. Knob A STEREO DEPTH controls the depth of stereo, but also places the signal within the stereo field. Because the signal is filtered, mid range frequencies will be changed as you turn the knob.

Additionally the incoming mono signal is multiplied (buffered) and a lossless copy is available at the MONO OUTPUT jack in order to allow further mono signal processing.

The second building block B is a Stereo Width Control that allows you to change a stereo signal from mono to wide stereo. This is achieved by summing both signals L and R to create a mono signal when knob B STEREO WIDTH is turned fully counter-clockwise and by splitting them via complete negative crosstalk, when the knob is turned fully clockwise. Fully clockwise the stereo signal contains no centre image at all.

Initially the module was designed to be used with mono signals only, but you may also use both building blocks separately. You can convert a mono signal to stereo with block A while you can also change the stereo width of another stereo signal with block B. You can also independently convert two mono signals to stereo using both blocks at the same time (you need to patch a dummy cable to the right channel of stereo input B to disconnect both blocks). A mono signal to block A will run through both blocks when nothing is patched into the block B stereo input jacks.

• Mono to Stereo Converter
• Stereo Width Controller
• Stereo Imager
• Buffered Input Multiple
• Two Separate Stereo Processing Blocks
• Wrong polarity protection

The module consists of two boards:
• Front PCB Panel
• Main PCB

  • 15 mA +12V
  • 10 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 25 mm deep

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 10 × 6 mm

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