ST Modular – MIXBENCH 0HP – pcb & 2 FR4 panels

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0HP USB powered Eurorack mixer with crossfader.

This listing is for a pcb set and panel only

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On top of the panel there are three stereo inputs A, B and ST and a stereo output OUT. All three inputs have a dedicated Volume potentiometer. The inputs A and B can be mixed with the FADE knob on the very bottom. If you turn the knob fully counterclockwise only channel A will be forwared to the output. Consequently if you turn the knob fully clockwise only channel B will be audible. At 12 o´clock you can hear an even mix between both inputs A and B. The ST input is not affected by the FADE knob and will be directly routed to the output if you turn the VOLUME ST pot clockwise.


Channels A and B have a MUTE switch in order to instantly switch off each channel´s signal. There is no mute switch for channel ST.


EQ A and EQ B will change the frequencies of each channel A and B. It will bost high frequencies and cut low frequencies turning the knob clockwise and boost low frequencies and cut high fequencies turning it counter-clockwise. There is no EQ for channel ST.


All three channels are routed through a HIGH PASS FILTER. The frequency of the filter can be adjusted with the HP FILTER knob.


The frequency range and resonance of the filter can be set using timmers on the bottom of the module.


MIXBENCH is a space saving DJ-style mixer that was mainly designed to mix two Eurorack cases in a live situation. You can of course also use it to mix your drummachines or synths.


MIXBENCH is powered by standard USB power (+5V) and is fully compatible with your Eurorack system. You can choose to power it with a Mini B, Mico B or Type C USB cable. You can solder all USB connect or just one of them, if you have a favourite USB cable you want to use.



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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 90 × 4 mm

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