ST Modular – Envelope (advanced ADSR w/CV) – FR4 panel & pcb set

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ENVELOPE is a classic ADSR/AR envelope generator with advanced control and shape functions.

The length of each ADSR stage can be changed with four slider potentiometers. Times range from 1ms in FAST MODE to half a minute in SLOW MODE. The FAST MODE allows a very fine adjustment of short envelopes, which is especially handy for creating percussive sounds.

There are dedicated SHAPE potentiometers for the ATTACK, DECAY and RELEASE stages. With these you can switch from exponential to logarithmic response curves.

Each phase has its own CV input to control its timing. Dedicated attenuators allow you to adjust how much voltage is applied. The slider LEDs indicate if a voltage is being processed and if the timing of a stage is being changed. If nothing is patched to the CV inputs, the attenuators suppress the portion of each stage’s voltage that is passed to the OUTPUT jack. This allows you to quickly change the envelope without changing the original slider settings. In addition, there is a CV input RF CV to control all rising and falling stages at once (without LED indication).

ENVELOPE also has an internal GATE and MODULATION source. When the LOOP/RESET switch is set to LOOP, the envelope is internally triggered at a rate set by the MOD RATE pot.
It also allows you to internally apply a TRIANGLE or SQUARE-WAVE LFO to any stage when nothing is patched to the CV inputs and the attenuators are turned clockwise. The rate of the LFO is also controllable with the MOD RATE pot. You can change the waveform of the LFO with the TRI/SQU switch. Setting the LOOP/RESET switch to RESET will reset the internal LFO each time a gate or trigger is received at the TRIG/GATE input.

The TRIG/GATE switch determines whether a trigger or gate signal should be applied to the TRIG/GATE input. When you set the switch to TRIG, the envelope type changes to ATTACK and RELEASE only. If you need an envelope that is easy to change, this is the correct setting. GATE mode activates a full-featured ADSR envelope with many adjustment options.

In addition to the standard envelope output ENV OUT, there is also an inverted output ENV INV. The voltage ranges of the ADSR outputs are about 0V to +10V for the normal output and 0V to -10V for the inverted output.

To complete the packed feature list, ENVELOPE is also equipped with an internal VCA, which is internally connected to the envelope output. Simply connect an audio source to the VCA IN input and you’ll have an envelope-controlled signal available at the VCA OUT jack.

ENVELOPE is designed to create a wide range of envelopes with many fine adjustment options in order to generate dynamic control-voltages for organic and interesting sounds.

• ADSR/AR Envelope
• CV Control over all Stages
• Attenuator per CV Input
• Shape Control for Attack, Decay and Release
• Internal Envelope-Controlled Amplifier
• Loop Function
• Internal Modulation
• 0V to +10V Range

  • 56 mA +12V
  • 36 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 35 mm deep

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 10 × 6 mm

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