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Analog Rhythm Sequencer with Channel Chain and Clock Divider

CHASING LIGHTS is a 3-channel analog trigger sequencer with a total of 8 trigger or clock outputs. Each channel has 8 trigger steps that can be activated or inactivated with a push-button per step. LEDs indicate if a step is active and which step is currently playing in a sequence. The trigger signals are available at the output sockets A, B and C.

Each sequence can be clocked at its own external clock rate. The A CLOCK input is normalized to the other clock inputs and also to the CLK THRU output to sync CHASING LIGHTS to other sequencers. In addition one CV RESET function is available per channel.

The RST ALL button can be used to manually reset all sequences to the first step. It can also act as a HOLD function as long as the button is pressed or the CV input is high. This is especially useful if you want to change the sequence lengths spontaneously.

The A/B/C LENGTH switches can be used to set three different lengths per channel. 2/3 and 8 for channel A, 5/6 and 8 for channel B and 5/7 and 8 for channel C.

All channels are summed at the SUM output. Each channel can be enabled or disabled for summing using the A/B/C SUM switches.

Outputs B and C can be swapped with the SWAP B/C button to create rhythm variations.

Wait! No mutes? To have less HP and a better practical experience, the channels should be muted using external modules with on/off switches (such as the vactrol mute ONCE IN A WHILE) or mixers (like PHOEBE, SUM2 or STEREO SUM).

The A CLOCK input is also routed to a clock divider. Three divider outputs provide six different clock divisions and can be switched off in the centre position of the corresponding switches. With CLK VARI the counting direction of the internal divider can be changed by CV. This can be used to create interesting clock changes.

Channel CHAIN is one of the most interesting functions of CHASING LIGHTS. It is possible to chain all three channels one after the other to create sequences up to a length of 24 steps. There is also an external input CHAIN EXT that can be included in the chain creating even longer sequences. You can set the chain length from 2 to 4 steps, with 2 chaining only channel A and B and 4 steps chaining all channels plus the external input. You can control the speed at which the channels are chained one after the other manually or by CV. It is also possible to reset the chaining sequence to channel A by pressing the CHAIN RESET button or using control voltages.

• 3x 8-Step Analog Sequencer
• 8 Trigger or Clock Outputs
• Clock Divider
• Channel Chaining
• Sum Output and B/C Swap
• Wrong Polarity Protection

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