Pusherman-4×3 Matrix Mixer pcb & black anodized aluminium panel

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Index Qty Description Specs Value Package Supplier Ref
C1, C9, C10, C11
100nF 0603
C7, C8 2 35V 10uF Radial 710-860020572003
D3, D4 2 1N4004 DO41 833-1N4004-TP
R1-R21 21 100K  0603
R22-24 3 1K  0603
U1 1
TL074 quad op-amp
SO14 511-TL074IYDT
U2 1
TL072 dual op-amp
SO08 511-TL072BIYDT

Thonkiconn jacks           7

Potentiometer                 12                                                          Alpha                                                                                   B 10k    for CV           –              A10k for audio

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A simple 4 in, 3 out Matrix mixer in 10HP. It’s designed to be an easy build as a first SMD project, with 0805 resistors with plenty of space inbetween. The four inputs can be mixed in a three different ways for three different outputs. The mixer is DC coupled, so can be used for both CV and audio. Some examples: – Mix four cv signals to three different outputs – Create feedback loops, patching one output back into an input. By patching multiple feedback loops you can create complex audio signals and waveshaping. Patching effects like delays inbetween can produce infinite feedback. – For output A turn down input 3 and 4. For output B turn down input 1 and 2. Now you have two independent 2 channel mixers. You could use one as a CV attenuator and the other for mixing audio.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 50 × 130 × 4 mm

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