Plum Audio – uJove pcb v1.1 and FIX PCB & 8hp matte black anodized aluminium panel

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Micro version of JOVE – Multimode filter, originally by System 80

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This is v1.1 pcb with the fix pcb to deal with the noise issue making it the equivalent of v1.2

Plum Audio uJove is 8hp version of Jove – Multimode filter By System 80 that is inspired by the Roland Jupiter 6 filter.

uJove is exactly the same circuit as the original 14 hp Jove with the same amazing sound.

2 extra modifications have been added to increase the sound variety:

  1. When no jack is plugged in to input 2 Positive feedback from the output to input 2 is activated. the feedback level can be controlled by LEVEL 2 knob.
  2. Input 2 level knob can add 6dB of gain, 0dB on the middle, +6dB (clipping) when fully clockwise.

4 Leds of the original 14 hp Jove replaced by one RGB Led

Mode colours: RED – LP24 , ORANGE – LP12 , BLUE – BP , GREEN – HP



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