Deadend FX – Guitar Pedal pcb -Mr Multi

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Clone of the Korg Mr. Multi combination phaser wah. It offers three setting; wah, phaser, and wah/phaser combined. The latter being the crown jewel. There’s also an LFO in the mix, which you can switch the treadle to control the speed of. Some minor improvements over the original design include an LFO depth pot, and a trimmer for tweaking the treadle sweep, which allows you to adjust the knee point to where you like it. The bonus? This board drops right into any Dunlop Crybaby* shell.

*”Dunlop” and “Crybaby” are registered trademarks of Jim Dunlop USA. We are in no way affiliated with Jim Dunlop USA, or any of it’s subsidiaries.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 96 × 160 × 2 mm

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