pcb & panel (SMD pre-soldered) – ST Modular – Good & Evil

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This listing is for a pcb with SMD components pre-soldered and panel.

You will need to source the rest of the components to complete the module.

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Chained LFO and Random Voltage Generator

Good & Evil shows the two sides of order and chaos in a single voltage generator module.

The GOOD side consists of a chain of four LFOs. Each LFOs only starts to rise when its predecessor descends. The four knobs control the time it takes for each LFO to rise and simultaneously controls the time it takes for the predecessor to descend. The LFOs have individual outputs with an attenuator. This row of low frequency oscillators can either create very slow envelopes followed by fast changes, just very slow voltage changes or a chain of fast swinging LFOs with their voltage never being the same on the four outputs at a time.

The EVIL side generates random voltages that can be influenced by the knobs EVIL 1 and EVIL 2. These change the amount and amplitude of chaos being created. The voltages may move very slow, but also evolve to a burst of changing voltages over the course time. Just like on the good side there are also four outputs on the evil side. Additionally there is a GATE output that provides random gates in conjunction with the EVIL voltages. The EVIL CV input gives voltage control over the amplitude of chaos. An attenuator may lower the amount of voltage being inserted to the EVIL side. The last LFO of the GOOD side is normalised to the CV input of the EVIL side, if no patch cable is inserted into EVIL CV.

GOOD & EVIL is great to control a large number of other module´s parameters. It´s a good companion to create slow changes for ambient soundscapes, but it can also go wild and help you build interesting and evolving patches.

• Four Chained LFOs
• Controllable Time
• Attenuator per LFO Output
• Four Random Voltages
• Adjustable Amount of Random and Chaos
• EVIL CV Input
• Random Gate
• Wrong Polarity Protection
• Skiff friendly

The module consists of two boards:
• Front PCB Panel
• Main PCB


  • 75 mA +12V
  • 55 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 28 mm deep

Additional information

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 40 × 60 mm

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