pcb & (B stock) panel – ST Modular – Euphoria (stand alone synth)

£104.99 (exc VAT)

This listing is for a 17 pcb & panel set.

The panel is B stock with a very minor mark or scratch.

This is an advanced build, there is a very thorough build guide but we would not advise beginners to attempt this project.

Euphoria manual/calibration guide/BOM

ST Modular website

ST Modular Build Group on FB


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“With Euphoria I wanted to design a synthesizer that stands in stark contrast to our hectic present. An oasis of self forgetfulness, a place to explore and escape, a haptic experience that gives
something back. It should be a semi-modular analog synthesizer with a complex oscillator, characterized by simple and clear operation and uncompromising sound. It should play quietly and peacefully, but also be able to scream, shake, and make all sorts of noises that distract the player from its presence.
Externally EUPHORIA does not deny its inspiration by the famous Buchla Music Easel. There are many parallels as far as the function blocks are concerned. Under the front panel, however, there are no technical similarities.

It stands for itself!

It is meant to be an independent instrument that wants to be explored and learned. It should fascinate the listener from the first waveform generated, and not just captivate him with its pretty garb.
EUPHORIA should have its own character, a steep learning curve and enough depth to remain interesting over a long period of time. Losing yourself in playing with this synthesizer is meant to create those little euphoric coincidences we’re all looking for.
And what was especially close to my heart is the desire to develop a synthesizer in DIY format and to align the design accordingly.
The experience of building a synthesizer yourself and then learning and playing it are the real triggers for euphoria.”

Audio demos

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 40 × 60 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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