Norns Shield (v191106) pcb only (part populated)

£19.99 (exc VAT)

This listing is for a part smd populated Norns shield pcb.

All passives are pre-soldered, just the audio codec and crystal needed.

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minimal/tiny open-source/DIY shield for Raspberry Pi boards, providing hardware compatibility with the norns ecosystem.

  • audio codec: CS4720
  • audio jacks: 3.5mm stereo in/out, line level
  • OLED: NHD-2.7-12864WDW3
  • 3x pushbuttons, 3x rotary encoders

see the full BOM on Octopart

Raspberry Pi header – Mouser part number – 485-1992

see for discussion.

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Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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