mxmxmx – cv|midi (5 Channel CV – Midi converter) 10hp aluminum panel & 2 x pcb set

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5 channel CV|midi converter


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  • 5 x dual S/H units to drive midi equipment ( … i got a nord drum 2 for cheap, hence was under the impression i needed something like this).
  • with a little more time/effort, this could be made more compact and so on (i was briefly considering using something cheaper/more suitable (STM32F373R8), but ended up with t3.2 again).
  • internally, the module re-utilizes the o_C – version of the MI “braids” quantizer; it tracks V/oct fairly ok.
  • configurable trigger-to-SH “latency” settings (typically helps when re-quantizing stepped control voltages).
  • CV inputs default to note/velocity; alternatively the “velocity” inputs can be mapped to any CC message (“learn”).
  • w/ micro-USB connector on the backside of the module, so in theory there’s the option to also have usb-midi (not implemented, and somewhat inconvenient).


  • trigger/gate in, V/oct, velocity (CV + manual offset) per channel (100k input impedance)
  • midi TRS in/out (type A/B selectable)
  • 15kHz update rate
  • teensy 3.2 based
  • 10HP, depth ~ 35mm

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 50.5 × 6 mm

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