Mutated Ripples v2 (Liquid Filter) 0402 SMD part populated pcb

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This listing is for a part populated pcb with all 0402 passives pre soldered (APART FROM 0.1% RESISTORS)

SMD parts still needed:

Ripples, v9.0
Index Qty Description Specs Value Package Mouser P/N References
SMT parts
R1, R2, R5, R7, R8, R13, R15, R17, R18, R20, R25, R26, R42, R44, R45, R46 16 Resistor, thin film <= 0.1%, 62.5mW 33.2k 0402 667-ERA-2AEB3322X Panasonic ERA-2AEB3322X
R9, R10, R12, R14, R38, R63 6 Resistor, thin film <= 0.1%, 62.5mW 16.2k 0402 667-ERA-2AEB1622X Panasonic ERA-2AEB1622X
R65,R66,R67 3 Resistor
<= 1%, >= 200mW
1k 0603
Panasonic ERJ-PA3D1001V
C6, C10 2 Capacitor, electrolytic >= 35V 22u Panasonic B (4mm) 667-EEE-FT1V220AR Panasonic EEE-FT1V220AR
C26, C27, C30, C31 4 Capacitor, ceramic >= 50V, C0G, <= 5% 22p 0402 81-GCM1555C1H220JA6D Murata GCM1555C1H220JA16D
D5, D6 2 BZT585B3V3T Zener diode SOD523 621-BZT585B3V3T-7 Diodes Inc 621-BZT585B3V3T-7
D9, D10, D11, D12, D13, D14 6 Ceradiode 0603 871-B72500D160H60 Epcos / TDK B72500D160H60
IC1 1 V2164 quad VCA SOIC16 V2164M
3 OPA1679 TSSOP-14
L1, L2 2 EMI Filter Bead >= 1k ohm, 300mA 0603 710-742792664 Würth Electronics 742792664
P1 1 Resettable fuse >= 15V, >= 0.1A 1206 576-1206L035/16YR Littelfuse 1206L035/16YR

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A multimode filter

  • High-pass, band-pass, and low-pass outputs.
  • Switchable slope control for the band-pass and low-pass outputs. The slope of the high-pass output varies with resonance.
  • The low-pass output goes through an internal VCA – the perfect “end of subtractive chain” output!

All the CV inputs you need

  • Un-attenuated frequency CV, calibrated for 1V/Oct tracking of the self-oscillation tone over 4 octaves.
  • Frequency CV with attenuverter.
  • Resonance CV. Self oscillation starts at 4V. Control voltages above 5V are non-linearly compressed, for fine control of resonance overdrive.
  • VCA level for the low-pass output.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 107 × 40 × 2 mm

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