Jakplugg – Monsoon (Clouds with separate wet/dry controls) 12hp pcb & FR4 panel set

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Jak Plugg Open Source 10hp reversioning of Mutable Instruments Clouds with 3 extra pots for the different wet/dry mix functions.

Monsoon runs altered versions of the original Clouds firmware or any of the alternate firmwares which can be found at the link below.

Stock clouds, Clouds Parasites, and Jkammerl beat repeat Firmwares modified for Monsoon by Tom Burns:


Thanks to Boourns!



Original Design by: E Gillet

In stock




Monsoon is a variation of mutable instruments clouds with separate CV and controls for the 4 “blend” functions.

12Hp eurorack module.

The 4 LEDs on the sliders indicate incoming control voltage for the 4 main parameters, this is done in hardware, with 4 LM321 op amps.

The slider LEDs are normally “one way” and only display positive CV input, if you would prefer to see bipolar (negative as well) you can replace the rectangular LEDs in the sliders with bidirectional round 3mm red/green or any other 2 color LED, the leg spacing is the same. you simply pull up on the LEDs and they come out. (do not let cats or small children know that!)

The slider LEDs do not display slider value, just the CV input.

The button which used to select blend parameters now simply switches what the 4 LEDs display between audio input monitoring and monitoring the 4 blend amounts.

Monsoon Parasites Cheatsheet

Google sheet BOM (in progress):



Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 129 × 50 × 4 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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