Metal case for Norns Shield (pi4)

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Norns shield  Github

This is a two part metal case to fit Norns shield with a pi4, case comes with an acrylic screen, the screen is held in place by the Norns shield screen and screws.

The case for a Norns Shield pi3 is here.

The Mouser cart contains all spacers, screws (2 & 2.5mm), screen headers (incl. what’s in the BOM already), rubber feet & button caps.
This Mouser Cart is for reference and better prices can be found in other places.

See pics for how case looks in a completed build.

Stand-offs and screws needed for assembly, see pics for further guidance.

A set containing all these parts is available here.

2 x 20mm M2.5 male – female stand off

2 x 16mm M2.5 male – female stand off

4 x 16mm M2.5 female – female stand off

2 x 11mm M2 female – female stand off

2 x 2mm white plastic washer

2 x 10mm M2.5 black hex bolt

2 x 6mm M2.5 black hex bolt

6 x 6mm M2.5 black dome bolt

4 x 6mm M2 black hex bolt


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Weight 255 g
Dimensions 165 × 140 × 5 mm

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