mBrane (mini Yarns) 6hp pcb only (fixed gate order)

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PCB revision with fixed gate order

6hp eurorack module, compact version of Mutable Instruments Yarns.

Google sheet BOM:

re the MIDI jacks, you can use kobiconn stereo jacks (pc mount, not solder tab) instead of the thonk ones, but you should pull them up to the panel with the nut before soldering them, because they are a little shorter than the thonk ones.

Note: previous Red versions of the board have the gate outs reversed, (but not the LEDs) there is an alternative firmware in the “reverse_gates_firmware” folder to fix the issue


Original Design by: Olivier Gillet (olivier@mutable-instruments.net)

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 30 × 4 mm