Jakplugg – Rangoon pcb & black anodized aluminium monome style panel

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This listing is for a pcb & black anodized aluminium panel set.

Jim Matheson’s Monsoonification of Rings for an alternate version with a bit more wiggle room.

To calibrate the unit:

  1. Disconnect all CV inputs.
  2. Connect the note CV output of a well-calibrated keyboard interface or MIDI-CV converter to the V/OCT input.
  3. Hold down both buttons until left led flashes orange.
  4. Send a voltage of 1V to the CV input.
  5. Press the top button. The right led will flash orange.
  6. Send a voltage of 3V to the CV input.
  7. Press the top button.
  8. Calibration is done!


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Rangoon brings physical modelling synthesis to your Eurorack system, from a more modular angle than Braids’ models or Elements.

Instead of trying to be a complete instrument, nanoRings focuses on the key ingredient, the resonator, ready to be excited by envelope clicks, trigger pulses, granular noise or any other audio source produced by the rest of your system.

Three families of vibrating structures are simulated by the module, with CV control over their parameters:

  • Strings, membranes and tubes as modelled by Elements’ resonator section (modal synthesis).
  • Strings coupled together and vibrating in sympathy, with controllable intervals between them.
  • Strings with a variable amount of inharmonicity.

Rangoon can be configured so that each new note is played on its own virtual string, while the previously played note(s) still decay(s). This unique take on polyphony allows the module to play strummed chords.


Original Design by: Emilie Gillet

Great ways to use Rings

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 30 × 4 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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