Jakplugg Open Source – UBraids II 8hp black FR4 panel only

£6.00 (exc VAT)

uBraids II

this listing is for an FR4 panel only

8hp version of Braids.

PCB redesign by J. Matheson. it works with the same firmware, added LED sliders for the 2 oscillator parameters, and drivers to indicate input CVs

Google sheets BOM

First there was uBraids, the uModule that started all this uInsanity, then Talldog’s uBreaids SE, with a better display and no AVR programming, now with the same good display and a new easy to use layout, uBraids II!

the main board is easier than the original uBraids, but the display board might be a bit difficult for those new at SMT soldering,

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Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 129 × 40 × 6 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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