FULL KIT (SMD pre-soldered) – ANTUMBRA – KNIT (6hp Plaits) with black anodized aluminium panel

£139.99 (exc VAT)

This listing is for a full kit with SMD pre soldered. Includes power cable and mounting screws.

Optional SMD leds are included for the jack lights, these are not needed in anyway for the module to function, they are purely for decoration but can be a good first step to soldering SMD.

Plaits firmware is pre installed, all you have to solder are the leds/jacks/pots & headers and jack leds (if you want them)

See pics for assembly help

You will have to calibrate the module yourself but it is a simple procedure.

To calibrate the unit:

  1. Disconnect all CV inputs.
  2. Connect the note CV output of a well-calibrated keyboard interface or MIDI-CV converter to the V/OCT input. Leave all the other CV inputs unpatched.
  3. Press both buttons. The first LED slowly blinks in green.
  4. Send a voltage of 1.000V to the V/OCT input.
  5. Press any button. The first LED now blinks in orange.
  6. Send a voltage of 3.000V to the V/OCT input.
  7. Press any button.

Depth 30mm

ANTUMBRA website

CC-by-SA Émilie Gillet

A jumper on the back enables you to switch the jack lights on or off.



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KNIT from ANTUMBRA is Mutable Instruments Plaits in only 6hp.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 30 × 60 mm

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