Plum Audio – DSO150 mk2 v2.2 Oscilloscope Eurorack conversion 14hp – pcb & panel

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DSO 150 mkII

Updated version of the DSO Eurorack conversion kit.

pcb now updated to v2.2



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EuroScope MKII – DSO150 Eurorack Conversion Kit

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DSO150 EuroScope

DSO 150 Is a cheap mini oscilloscope from JYE TECH.

This conversion kit lets you the ability to convert it to Eruorack module and contains two parts:

  • 14 Hp Panel
  • Conversion Board

This is an easy DIY project, just follow the Build guide (PDF File) I’ll recommend to download it to your computer. (You can find the BOM in the build guide).

Which is the right DSO150 DIY Kit?

I checked few sources for the DSO150 kits, only the ones that come from Banggood was original 2017 version.

Other versions was less accurate and with a lots of ground noises. If you’re not buying the banggood version you need to find 2017 version and pay attention to (see picture):

  1. Trimmers location.
  2. Cut in the main PCB for trimmers access.
  3. Only 3 electrolytic capacitors in the analog board (not 5).
  4. Sticker with Barcode and Serial Number.
  5. Silk screen that says it’s 2017 version…

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 70 × 4 mm

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