4U – Clee – Scaling Buffers (CV processor) – PCB & FR4 Panel

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Dual Processor

The module is a single input attenuverting mixer with offset. 2 are included in a 1″ module

Inputs will go from unity to full inverted unity. The offset control is aprox +6v to -6v. The back to back diodes create a small dead band making it a bit easier to dial in no offset.

The module is built on a single panel component PCB with both the controls and the surface mount electronics

A panel PCB Gerber file is included, though at 4U size there’s significant flex. But it’s included if you want to build the module at minimal cost. The panel can be doubled up (see photos) but there’s very little thread to attach the pots to the panel.


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Voltage Processor

Component placement/BOM:Processor Guide/BOM

Schematic:Processor Schematic

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