Mutated Cirrus – Clouds (MMI Modular version) (Texture Synthesizer) pcb

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MMI Modular rework of Mutable Instruments Clouds pcb



  • Replaced plastic gain potentiometer with dual gang Alpha style A50k potentiometer. These can be found here
  • Changed all 10uF capacitors to the Panasonic B footprint. Dimensions can be found here
  • Moved some capacitors around to make hand soldering easier

Cirrus is my rework of the popular Clouds module, originally designed by Emilie Gillet of Mutable Instruments. After building several Clouds myself, I found several problems that were easy to fix with a simple PCB revision. I decided it would be worth the effort, so here it is.

This pcb fits the standard Clouds panel



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Firmware –

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 107 × 80 × 2 mm

Synthesiser parts/components

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