BUILT MODULE – Jakplugg – TYPHOON (16hp Clouds with extra controls vcas in/out, etc)

£215.00 (exc VAT)

Typhoon is a 16hp expanded version of Mutable Instruments classic Clouds.

This listing is for a fully calibrated built module.

Includes power cable and mounting screws.

Super Parasites firmware is pre installed.

Clouds – C-by-SA Émilie Gillet

Typhoon features sliders for the four main controls with bipolar leds to give visual feedback of the cv amount, and four pots with cv inputs for the different effect parameters (wet/dry – stereo width – feedback – reverb amount) that were only accessible with repeated button pushes on the original.

It also features VCAs and mute switches on the input and output (pre reverb) and an additional +6 dB of gain on the output to compensate for low output levels.

The Aux input sends CV to all controls that aren’t currently connected to a jack.

There are now two VU meters, top for input, bottom for output.

Pitch is now controlled by two separate inputs: the V/Oct input is exponential and the Pitch input is linear. When both inputs are used, their voltages are summed.

A manual Trig switch (for capturing individual grains) has been added, in addition to the Trig input that was present on Clouds.

The module includes all the alternate firmwares without the need for re-programming.

Redesign by Jakplugg Open Source

All SMD is factory mounted.


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Superparasites Firmware

Check the original documentation for Clouds Parasites and Kammerl firmware for more info.

Supercell Manual

Press and hold Bank to swap between modes, then press the Bank button to cycle through the options (* = lit LED)

  • Mode 1 [●○○○]: Granular Clouds (Parasites)
  • Mode 2 [○●○○]: Pitch Shift / Time Stretch (Parasites)
  • Mode 3 [○○●○]: Looping Delay (Parasites)
  • Mode 4 [○○○●]: Spectral Processor (Parasites)
  • Mode 5 [○●●●]: Oliverb (Parasites)
  • Mode 6 [●○●●]: Resonestor (Parasites)
  • Mode 7 [●●○●]: Beat Repeat (Kammerl)
  • Mode 8 [●●●○]: Spectral Clouds (Kammerl)


Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 80 × 60 mm

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