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8HP Aux Send and Return

SEND is a send and return unit you may know from ordinary mixers. It has a mono INPUT with a LEVEL attenuator and any signal fed in is sent directly to the stereo outputs OUT L and OUT R.

If you turn SEND A to the right, you can adjust the portion of the signal that is sent to the SEND A output. This can then be fed into an external effect and returned in mono or stereo to the upper RETURN (L) and RETURN (R) inputs.
The TONE potentiometer accentuates either low (turn to the left) or high frequencies (turn to the right) of the signal routed to the
send output. Leave it in the center position so that the frequencies are not affected.

The same applies to SEND B, the lower inputs RETURN (L) and RETURN (R) and the corresponding potentiometers SEND B and TONE. Both sends can be used simultaneously.

Two LEDs indicate if a signal is sent to the send output.

Gain trimmers are located on the front panel to adjust the gain of the send signal.

SEND is a great performance tool that lets you interact directly with the effects applied to your sounds.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 20 × 4 mm

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