ST Modular – Anna’s Langer Arm 3U (Lange Anna expander)

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3U Satellite Module for LANGE ANNA

ANNA`S LANGER ARM is designed to fly to remote locations. It is supposed to take signals to places that no other CV or audio signal in your cabinet has reached. 

ANNA´s LANGER ARM 3U is available as a pcb & panel set, full kit or as a built module.

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ANNA´s LANGER ARM connects directly to the LANGE ANNA module and does not require connection to a power supply. It provides an additional multiple output per channel and a sum output for all three channels together. It can be placed far away from your LANGE ANNA module to carry signals across the entire width of your modular. LEDs above and below each output indicate whether a positive or negative signal is present, which also makes it easy to assign an output to a LANGE ANNA input.

You need the LANGE ANNA module to use ANNA´s LANGER ARM!

3U standard Eurorack format

IMPORTANT! Does not function without the main Lange Anna 1U module!

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 40 × 4 mm



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