BUILT MODULE – Plum Audio – Rack Plumber (single unit) 4hp with black anodized aluminium panel

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This listing is for a Rack Plumber module.

You need at least 2 Rack Plumbers units for the module to function, but up to 4 can be chained with the expansion pcb

Rack Plumber cable management for large cases

Connect 8 signals with one cable, either inside or outside your case.

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RackPlumber is a simple but useful utility.

It can be used to connect up to 8 signals between 2 points in your case or between different cases by means of standard network cables (RJ45).


8 jack sockets with led to indicate if there is signal in the jack (the leds are disconnected when jack is plugged in to prevent voltage drop).

Front RJ45 connecter to connect between different cases.

Back RJ45 connecter to connect 2 points inside case.

The module is fully passive (no power supply required) and simply wires the 8 sockets to 8 pins of the network connectors.

Work with shielded or non shielded network cables.

Option to use non shielded network cable (in this case the first channel used to transfer ground and only 7 channels left for signals, must be set with jumper on the back of the module).

Option to use as passive multiplayer when chain together more than 2 modules (with front and back RJ45 simultaneously).

Option to chain up to four modules with RackPlumber MULT board.

See image for jumper settings for shielded/unshielded cables.


The module can be used for all kind of signals: control voltages, audio and digital signals (like Clock, Gate, Start, Stop, Reset). If longer RJ45 (> 2 m) cables are used the transmission performance and the cross-talk between signals depend upon the length and the quality/shielding of the used RJ45 cables.

The leds indicate only positive signals.

At least 2 RackPlumber modules are needed to connect to each other.


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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 20 × 20 mm

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