Built module – ANTUMBRA – KNIT (mini Plaits) with FR4 panel 6hp

£149.99 (exc VAT)

KNIT from ANTUMBRA is Mutable Instruments Plaits in only 6hp.

Depth 30mm

ANTUMBRA website

CC-by-SA Émilie Gillet

This listing is for a built module with power cable and mounting screws.

All SMD is soldered in factory with final module assembly built by hand in the UK.

A jumper on the back enables you to switch the jack lights on or off.

All modules are guaranteed for a year.

A donation to charity is made from each sale.


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To calibrate the unit:

  1. Disconnect all CV inputs.
  2. Connect the note CV output of a well-calibrated keyboard interface or MIDI-CV converter to the V/OCT input. Leave all the other CV inputs unpatched.
  3. Press both buttons (A). The first LED slowly blinks in green.
  4. Send a voltage of 1.000V to the V/OCT input.
  5. Press any button. The first LED now blinks in orange.
  6. Send a voltage of 3.000V to the V/OCT input.
  7. Press any button.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 30 × 60 mm