Barnaby Walters – Schräg filter (Bastl Cinnamon rework) pcb & panel

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Github – BOM/build info

Checks Lines forum thread for updates:

Someone noticed a problem with the LM404 footprints, which seems to lead to the board sometimes working and sometimes having issues depending on the exact LM4040s being used. The fix for these boards is easy, documented here:

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Schräg is an expanded version of the Bastl Cinnamon filter.

The filter core works exactly as the Cinnamon, with the following new features:

  • 8HP form factor, allowing for larger character and gain switches and a big juicy cutoff knob
  • Voltage control over resonance, through an attenuverter (using the two unused VCA cells from the original design)
  • A new FM input through an attenuverter, which works as a pitch fine-tune control with nothing patched
  • A bi-directional power connector with polyfuses
  • An Interactive HTML BOM to aid in part placement

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 128.5 × 80 × 2 mm

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