Arp Odyssey VCO Anodised Aluminium Panel only

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Modular Version of the ARP ODYSSEY MKII/III VCO


Dreaming of my own modular synthesizer for many years, I’ve decided to finally start a DIY project. First of all I wanted to build a module which allows me to create sounds. I mean what’s the most exited thing about synthesizers? Right! Turning knobs, altering sounds and waveforms! 😉 Therefore I have chosen to build the VCO from an ARP ODYSSEY MKII. If you are not familiar with the ODYSSEY just head over to Youtube and have a quick listen to it. It sounds awesome! 🙂


The great thing about vintage electronics is the availability of official service and repair manuals. I’ve found one for the ARP ODYSSEY online:

With the original schematics at my fingertips it was fairly easy to find the VCO section. I’ve used the latest version of EAGLE (7.7.0) to rebuild the circuit. My goal was to keep it simple by using parts which are still available and easily obtainable. I was able to get everything at my distributor of choice ( The VCO operates at +/-15V. It might be possible to use it with +/-12V to create sounds, but at lower voltages the CV-tracking will be most likely inaccurate. This thread over at electro-music gave me a few ideas on how to design my front panel:


Have a look at the wiki for further informations on building this module.


I have not created the schematics for the ARP Odyssey MKII/III VCO. I have just reworked the layout for all the DIY synth builders out there.

Copyright exists (Rhodes/CBS/ARP). No infringement is intended. The files are for experimental and educational purposes only. All the credits for the schematics go to the copyright holder.

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