Alfa Rpar – AS3340D (SOIC-16) chip for ST Modular – Trommelmaschine

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This listing is for a single smd oscillator chip,

This chip is used in ST Modular – Trommelmaschine, you will need 1 chip total for the build.


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AS 3340 and AS 3345 are completely self contained, precision voltage controlled oscillators, featuring both exponential and linear control scales and up to four buffered output waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, square, and pulse with voltage controllable pulse width. Full temperature compensation makes these VCOs extremely stable, and eliminates the need for a temperature compensation resistor. The highly accurate exponential and linear control inputs are virtual ground summing nodes, allowing mul¬tiple control voltages to be mixed within the device itself.




– Large Sweep Range: 50,000:1 min
– Fully Temperature Compensated
– Four Output Waveforms Available; No waveform trimming required
– Summing Node Inputs for Frequency Control
– High Exponential Scale Accuracy
– Low Temperature Drift
– Voltage Controlled Pulse Width
– Hard and Soft Sync Inputs
– Linear FM
– Buffered, Short Circuit Protected Outputs
– ±15 Volt Supplies


  APP-3340/3345-1– AS3345-meander output.

  AS3340-HYB– VCO module

  Tuning the AS3340– by Rob Hordijk

  AS3340 – Tip : VCO vs PWM stability

  AS3340 – Tip : Ultra-LFO

 AS3340A – Tip : Oberheim OB-8 VCO

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