4U – Mangoest – VCLF (Low Pass Filter) – 2 x pcb & aluminium panel

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This listing is for a 2 x pcb & panel set, you must source the parts yourself.

Designed by Mangoest in 4U Loudest Warning/Serge format.


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The V2044 used this time is compatible with SSM2044. The SSM2044 is an IC used in analog synthesizers such as the KORG Polysix.

Power supply: 25mA or less (at + 12V) / 25mA or less (at -12V)

Only low-pass filter is installed. High-pass and band-pass are not installed.

knob1: Cutoff frequency knob2: Resonance level knob3: Output Volume CV1: Cutoff frequency (0 -5 V) CV2: Resonance level (0 -5 V) IN: audio in OUT: audio out

4pole glaring filter.

When Resonance is maximized, a sine wave is output by self-oscillation.

Since the audio voltage level that V2044 can handle is small, it is necessary to make it sufficiently small by dividing the voltage. Adjust the volume and cutoff frequency offsets with two trimmers.

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