4U – Mangoest – Macro_C (Ornament & Crime with bigger screen) – pcb & panel

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Macro_C is a 4U reimagining of mxmxmx Ornament & Crime, featuring a larger 2.4″ screen (Norns/Teletype size) and attenuators on all 4 of the inputs and outputs.

Github for BOM and build info


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4U and 2.4″ screen version of Ornament & Crimes/Hemisphere/Bemisphere and Squares & Circles

  • 4 TRIGGER inputs
  • 4 CV inputs with attenuators
  • 4 CV ouputs with attenuators

Use it with a Teensy 3.2 as a normal Ornaments & Crime or Hemi/Bemisphere module

Use a teensy 4 or 4.1 when you want to use it as Squares & Circles Resistor R_SC only to be mounted when using Squares and Circles. You need to cut the jumpers SJ1 and SJ2

Teensy 4: Solder 2 wires Pad 26 on the teensy to either of the 26 points on the pcb Pad 27 on the teensy to either of the 27 points on the pcb

Teensy 4.1: Solder 2 extra pin and headers on the teensy 4.1 on pad 26 and 27.

For more information and uploading of the firmware for Squares & Circles goes via https://github.com/eh2k/squares-and-circles

Github for BOM and build info

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Weight 50 g

Synthesiser parts/components

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